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It's interesting how in older cars (prior to 1964) car batteries were charged using generators. In the coming years, the switch happened to the more technically advanced methodology of using alternators as opposed to generators. Alternators can create far more power than generators in automotive use.


The generator has a spinning central shaft supported in bearings on either end. Loops of wire are wound on a laminated holder called armature. This is turned by placing a pulley on one end of the shaft and driving it from the engine's crankshaft.

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The basic principle here is that electricity produces magnetism. And magnetism produces electricity. When a current-carrying wire is placed around a steel bar, the bar will be magnetized. More number of wire turns, stronger the current.

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Simple generator

Typical generator

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Classic car Blue print of a generator Restored 1951 John Deere B Generator

Restored 1951 John Deere B Generator